Thank you for supporting Anas Sarwar’s bid for Scottish Labour Leader.

We need to speak to as many Scottish Labour members as possible in a very short space of time – we need your help!

We have a very simple system for calling. Please follow the instructions below, but if you have any challenges in doing so please contact us at: [email protected].

  1. You will need a desktop or smartphone to register, but after that you will only need a mobile phone or landline.

  2. To register, please click on the region you wish to call in:
  3. Once you have registered, you will be approved by the team. After approval you will receive a text message saying that your account is ready.

  4. Once ready you will be able to access the calling script and instructions.

  5. You may want to print the script out so you have it to hand.

  6. The instructions will include a number to call which will connect you with members, you may wish to save this into your phonebook as ‘Ring to Rebuild’.

  7. Once you’ve dialled this number you will be told the name of the member you are going to be connected to. You may wish to jot this down.

  8. You will be connected with the member, have a conversation with the member and follow the script accordingly.

  9. Remember, do not hang up. Let the member hang up first or press * if you wish to end the call.

  10. You will then be directed to answer questions about the call and record them in your telephone keypad.

  11. You will be asked whether you wish to call a new member or not.

  12. If you for whatever reason were unable to record the data from your call please note down their name and details and email it to: [email protected].

Could you help the campaign team by doing 30 calls a day? Why not compete with your friends to see who can call the most members for Ring to Rebuild?

Phones are open between 10am and 8pm (Mondays – Saturdays) and 1pm and 6pm (Sundays).

These calls can be done in your own time or at our allocated phone banks. Starting on the 2nd of February, our Ring to Rebuild phone banks occur every:

  • Tuesday @ 6:30pm
  • Wednesday @ 7pm
  • Thursday @ 6:30pm
  • Saturday @ 11am

Click here to join.

If you have had any issues receiving your ballot, please follow the instructions on the Party’s website here.